Up Next on The Suburban City

Readers, Let me preface this week by saying: I’m sorry.

I haven’t been posting or providing you with content as much as I want to, but I have been working continually to fulfill my promise of shedding light on cities and sustainability. You’ll see the results of that labor soon, you have my word and I’m very grateful for your praise as well as your patience.

This past week was a busy one and the week ahead looks to be pretty busy as well.

Tomorrow, I will be attending Park Pride’s annual Parks and Greenspace Conference and live-tweeting as much of it as I can. For updates all day long, follow me on Twitter. Of course, I will be writing about whatever topics I find interesting and relevant (so, most of it), and I will report back with a summary of the event as soon as possible.

Immediately following that conference, I will be attending another PEDS walkabout, this time with Atlanta Public Works Commissioner Richard Mendoza (and others) in Midtown, ending at Steel Restaurant to discuss how to defend pedestrians amidst development. If you can, you should definitely join us!

So, you can expect to see posts throughout the week relating to those events, maybe some news, and a little special something at the end of the week that I’ve been working on for a while.

In the mean time enjoy this stunning Spring weather we’re having and thanks again!

All the best,

The Suburban City