Behind the Scenes

I’ve fallen a little behind in posting, dear readers, and frankly for no good reason. Yes I’ve been busy, but so is everyone, right? It was nice to have a holiday hiatus, but it’s not that I haven’t been writing though, mind you: in the past few weeks I’ve written for Creative Loafing Atlanta about Georgia’s tech industry interest around the cars of the future (with more to come) and taught a course to Emory students on how the Atlanta BeltLine and Ponce City Market are indicative of larger social forces in the City (which may make its way onto the site yet). I’ve also drafted four or five different posts, and I’ve been working with my first contributor and other interested folks on pieces for The Suburban City, too. I just haven’t gotten any of them up here yet.

Additionally, I’ve been attending just a shitzillion events lately (I’m told this is the Atlanta thing to do), and still coordinating a couple for CNU Atlanta. Of course if you follow me on Twitter you already know this, but I’ve been thinking of turning those events into something more productive than just networking, listening, and learning about particular topics, something that I could share more meaningfully than on Twitter. Ideally, I’d have a weekly(ish) event recap to transmit some of that stuff to y’all.

In another week and a half, it will be a year since I launched The Suburban City. I’m excited about the future and I have a lot of great things planned for the second year of this little experiment. The first thing that I’m doing is opening up the site to comments so I can get more direct feedback from you, the readers. Even in my slow weeks (or months), hundreds of you from not just Atlanta, or even just the United States, but from all over the world read my stories; folks from Brazil and Bulgaria, Slovakia and Singapore, Poland and Puerto Rico, Thailand and Turkey, India and Italy, The UK and The Netherlands, The Philippines and Fiji, Kuwait and Canada, Mexico and many more. I’m honored to be heard by so many people from so many places.

Thanks for reading, sharing, listening, and learning with me. Expect more to come and keep examining, explaining, and exploring.

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