Quiet Before the Storm

I’ve heard the rumors, whispered in back alleys and boardrooms across the city, and I’m sure you have, too. “Where has The Suburban City gone? Is it dead? Are they just tweeting now? Who will we trust now, to whom will we turn?” With hushed voices, many were convinced that we’d lost sight of our goals in this cold, dark world, wandering alone from side hustle to side hustle, event to event.

But these rumors have persisted too long: Fret thee not, dear reader, The Suburban City is still here. And we’ve been hard at work.

Frankly, that’s part of what’s kept us quiet–we’ve been busy working on these new projects, but also just in our careers and with our lives.

In the past two months, I personally have been swamped with my expanded role at the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU Atlanta)–managing our monthly programs, organizing a walk through Downtown Atlanta in honor of Jane Jacobs that almost one hundred people attended, preparing a whole new slew of programming for the next year, and going to kind of an insane amount of events–if you’re following us on Twitter, then you already know this. Other members of The Suburban City team have had similar complications, too, and we’re not complaining–honestly we just got burnt out.

On top of everything else in our lives–jobs, side gigs, relationships, families, work events, social lives–it’s incredibly draining then to put together a piece (or four) in our spare time. And with the pace of modern media, it can be extremely disappointing to plan and prepare a piece on a topical issue only to miss that cycle.

One day last month, I checked the stats for The Suburban City to find that, despite failing to publish anything for months, we still had hundreds of views for the month. People were still coming to the site, from all over the world, to see what we had made. In that moment, I knew that I had to get over my own disappointments and get us back on track.

As a result, we’ve discussed what The Suburban City should focus on, how to build on our independent talents and passions (as well as our individual work schedules) to better show another side to our cities, our region, even our own homes.

One of the ways that we want to showcase that is through more photo series & essays. When we first began discussing this, we thought we’d do one every now and then whenever we uncovered something interesting, but the seed of that idea grew into a much greater ambition. Photo Essays will take a more prominent place on the website as we develop them. Since then, we’ve been in construction sites and lush workspaces, seen skyline views and bank vaults, and witnessed the future of Atlanta.

We’ll also begin producing a podcast–I know, I know, everyone has a podcast. But we believe we can do it differently, dare we say better. You’ll see soon, trust me.

For now, thank you for bearing with us while we got un-burnt out. It took us damn near long enough, but we’re back at it again (with the white vans) and we’ve got something to say.

– Candler

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