Up Next on The Suburban City

Readers, Let me preface this week by saying: I’m sorry. I haven’t been posting or providing you with content as much as I want to, but I have been working continually to fulfill my promise of shedding light on cities and sustainability. You’ll see the results of that labor soon, you have my word and […]

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The Streets Downtown

I’ve been thinking a lot about walking lately.¬† Last week I attended a walking tour of downtown led by PEDS’ Ian Sansom and Dr. Nancy Kropf, GSU’s Associate Dean for Research and Strategic Planning. The other attendees were a mixture of students and professors from Georgia State, local community members, and a planner from the […]

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On Tactical Urbanism (Briefly)

This morning I attended Southface’s Sustainable Atlanta Roundtable, which was focused on the concept of “Tactical Urbanism” in Atlanta. For the uninitiated, tactical urbanism is the practice of temporarily¬†reclaiming urban spaces dedicated to cars (i.e. parking lots, roads, street parking, etc.) and repurposing that space for other, more enjoyment-oriented¬†uses instead. For instance, taking one lane […]

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